Fabric 101

Fabric 101

We are surrounded by textiles every second of our day, whether it is the clothes we wear, the cushions we sit on, or the towels we wrap ourselves in after a relaxing bubble bath.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of fabric? Have you ever looked at the content of your t-shirt and questioned what exactly a 72% cotton, 28% polyester blend actually means.

There are two main components that make up a fabric, the construction, and content. Think of the construction of a fabric as the recipe the mill must follow, and the fiber content as the specific ingredients necessary to assemble the final goods.

Within this series, we’ll deep dive into fiber content, yarn construction, and finishing techniques. Follow the links below to learn more about textiles and how they are constructed.


Links to Fabric 101 Series Posts

Fabric 101 Infographic

Natural Fibers

Regenerated Fibers

Synthetic Fibers

Yarn Construction

Fabric Finishing – Design & Color

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